In-Home Obedience Training

If you find it difficult to commit to an 8-week class schedule, or if you need more flexibility, perhaps in-home obedience sessions can help solve your dilemma. Or, if your dog is just too rambunctious to walk into a class setting, one or two private sessions can give you the skills you need to get into group training. 

We can also cover things that aren’t addressed in some classes. For example, where’s the best place to teach your dog not to bolt out the front door? At your front door, of course! 

Canine Care, Inc. serves Bartlett and the surrounding areas and offers daytime and/or evening hours. Our sessions last about one hour and, since we’re only working with your dog, we can cover whatever issues we need to, and move on whenever your dog is ready. Two visits are recommended.

The first consultation will determine what areas we need to work on. What are you doing right? What needs to be done differently? What are the dog’s strengths/weaknesses? You’ll get some homework to practice. During the second session, we’ll evaluate your progress. 

For most people, that’s enough. I’m not saying I can train your dog in two hours. I’m saying I can give you the skills you need to train your dog to do just about anything!